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Canine Flea Control

Posted on 09-12-2017

FLEA CONTROL My dog always seems to have fleas. What can I do? Successful flea control involves: 1.    Eliminating fleas from your dog 2.  &nbs...

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Labor Day Pet Hazards

Posted on 09-01-2017

Labor Day Labor day weekend can be a lot of fun, but sometimes this busy time can have potential hazards for your pets.  There are a few things to consider especially during Memorial day p...

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Pets and Heat Stroke

Posted on 08-21-2017

HEAT STROKE AND HYPERTHERMIA What is heat stroke? Heat stroke is a term commonly used for hyperthermia or elevated body temperature. Generally speaking, if a pet’s body tem...

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My dog had a tick is he going to get sick?

Posted on 07-11-2017

In Oklahoma we can see ticks year-round. Ticks are among the most efficient carriers of disease.  Ticks attach firmly and begin sucking blood.  They feed slowly and may easily be overloo...

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Fourth of July

Posted on 06-30-2017

Fourth of July The fourth of July can be a fun time but it can also cause anxiety and some safety concerns for your pets.  Here are a few things you need to consider as you prepar...

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