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Washing Your Dog's Ears

This video demonstrates how to apply ear wash to the ears.

3D Visualization of Ear Washing

An internal visualization of washing the ear canal.

Avoid cleaning deep in the canal with Q-Tips

While it is okay to clean the external area of the ear with Q-Tips, this video demonstrates why it is not safe to push Q-Tips deep into the canal. It can cause the debris in the canal to be pushed deeper toward the eardrum.

Washing Out Your Dog's Eye

Sometimes you may have to wash your dog's eye with proper eye wash. This video demonstrates a good technique to apply the wash as well as clean around the eye.

3D Visualization of Apply Eye Drops

This video demonstrates how to apply eye drops to your dog's eyes.

Administering Oral Tablets to Your Dog

This video demonstrates how to administer oral tablets to your pet.

Administering Liquid Medication to Your Dog

This video demonstrates how to administer liquid medication to your pet.

Applying Topical Ointment to Your Dog

This video demonstrates how to apply topical ointment to your pet.

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth With a Finger Brush

This video demonstrates how to brush your pet's teeth with a finger style brush.

3D Visualization of Brushing Teeth With A Brush

This video demonstrates a safe way to brush your pet's teeth with a regular toothbrush. When using a toothbrush, be sure to use only dog specific toothpaste. Human toothpaste can be harmful to your pet.

Anal Gland Location On Dogs

This video shows where both anal glands are located on your dog and how they express them normally.

Anal Gland Anatomy

This video shows a visual representation of a dog's anal glands.

Impacted Anal Glands

This 3D visualization shows a cause for swollen anal glands caused from impaction.

Expressing An Anal Gland

This video shows how an anal gland is expressed by a human, when a dog is unable to do it on its own.

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