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Why Should Your Dog be Groomed?

It's great when your dog comes home from a pet grooming session looking like a show dog, but grooming is more than just pampering your pup. Having your dog groomed is good for your pet’s overall health as well as their appearance. Mary is our professional groomer at Danforth Animal Hospital serving Edmond, Guthrie and Oklahoma City. Below are some of the reasons why regular appointments with her are good for your dog.

show dog

Squeaky Clean

  • A freshly shampooed dog looks clean, smells clean, and doesn’t have anything stuck in its fur.
  • A freshly trimmed dog doesn’t have any hair in its eyes obstructing vision.
  • Pet grooming eliminates matted hair which can pull on the dog’s skin and be uncomfortable.
  • A groomer can spot fleas and ticks hiding deep in a dog's fur.
  • Regular maintenance keeps nails at a length that is comfortable for your pet and your furniture.
  • With regular visits, a groomer can often spot health changes before they become health conditions.
  • Dogs that are groomed regularly get used to being handled which makes them more comfortable with the groomer and with their veterinarian.
  • Grooming removes hair and dander that would otherwise end up on your floors and your furniture.
  • A cleaned and groomed dog is a happy dog.

groomed dog

Our Groomer

Mary is our experienced dog groomer at Danforth Animal Hospital. She grooms during our regular clinic hours Monday through Friday. All of our grooming is done by appointment. A typical grooming session includes brushing, bathing and drying your dog. Ears are cleaned nails are clipped, we can express your dogs anal glands, and wash their ears.

Mary has experience handling pet grooming situations from anxious dogs to dogs with product allergies and more. Trust her to handle your dog with the same care you are accustomed to from your veterinarian here at Danforth Animal Hospital.

groomed happy dog

Call Us for Pet Grooming Services

Danforth Animal Hospital is pleased to offer complete veterinary services, including professional grooming, to our community in Edmond and our surrounding neighbors including Guthrie and Oklahoma City. To schedule an appointment with our groomer or with one of our veterinarians, call our office at 405-340-1020. You don’t have to try and wrestle your dog into the bathtub or figure out how to use those clippers without hurting your pet. Let us handle the pet grooming for you. Your best friend is sure to leave here looking fluffy and fabulous.