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Feline Home Care

Washing Your Cat's Ears

How to apply ear wash to your cat's ears to clean out the ear canal. 

3D Visualization of Ear Washing

An internal visualization of how debris is flushed from the ear canal.

Avoid cleaning deep in the canal with Q-Tips

While it is okay to use Q-Tips to clean the external area of the ear, this video demonstrates why it is not safe to push Q-Tips deep into the canal. It can cause the debris in the canal to be pushed deeper toward the ear drum. 

Applying Eye Drops and Cleaning Around the Eyes

This video demonstrates how to apply eye drops to your cat's eye as well as how to clean the area around the eyes. 

Administering Oral Tablets

This video shows how to administer oral tablets to your cat. The application of butter on the tablet allows the tablet to be swallowed more easily.

Administering Oral Liquid Medication

This video demonstrates how to administer liquid medication orally to your pet.