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Pet Dermatology

Skin conditions and the itching and other symptoms they create aren't limited to people. Your pets can have issues with their skin, as well. When that happens, they need pet dermatology services. If you're in the Edmond area, Danforth Animal Hospital can help you find what's causing your pet's skin problems. The right diagnosis is important because it's the first step toward proper treatment. 

Pet Dermatology

What Causes Pet Skin Issues?

There are a number of causes for skin issues in pets, and finding the reason for the problem can require several different kinds of assessments. Bacteria can get on the skin and cause infection, for example, or there are also chronic conditions that can damage the skin. Additionally, some types of insects and parasites may bite or sting and create problems. If your pet's skin is dry and itching, scratching it could cause redness and inflammation, as well.

How Does a Vet Diagnose Issues?

It may be possible for your vet to determine the cause of the problem just by looking at it, but that's not always the case. Sometimes it's necessary to take a small sample and have it cultured to determine what kind of bacteria or parasite is on your pet's skin. No matter the cause, your veterinarian will get to the bottom of it so your pet can get treatment.

How Are These Issues Treated?

Chronic medical conditions that affect the skin are treated differently from bacterial infections, parasites, or other issues. Antibiotics may help some skin issues, but you may also need steroid medications or a treatment that will reduce inflammation. Based on the diagnosis your vet provides, they'll help you navigate the options to provide the best treatment for your pet.

Do You Need a Pet Hospital Visit?

For a severe skin issue, you may want to visit a pet hospital right away. Don't wait until the condition gets worse, or until your pet develops additional problems from the skin issue, such as infection that's spreading. It's better to treat it right away so you have less to worry about, and your pet can feel better fast.

Our Veterinarians Are Here to Help

Having the right people on your side is very important, and we're here to help your pet feel good again. Are you looking for a veterinarian near me? If you're in the Edmond area, reach out to us at Danforth Animal Hospital and get the support, diagnosis, and treatment information you need for your pet's skin condition.