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Pet Anesthesia

Anesthesia plays a crucial role in many veterinary procedures, particularly pet surgery. It ensures your pet remains unconscious and pain-free throughout the process. This allows for a safe and controlled environment for the veterinarian to perform the surgery effectively. Before you visit Danforth Animal Hospital in Edmond, OK, continue reading to learn more about pet anesthesia!

Pet Anesthesia

How Anesthesia Works

Our veterinarians utilize various anesthetic medications depending your pet’s specific needs and the type of surgery being performed. In most cases, a combination of medications is used. This may include pre-anesthetic sedatives to relax your pet, followed by injectable medications to induce unconsciousness. In some instances, inhalational anesthesia may also be used, which involves administering gas through a breathing tube.

Monitoring During Anesthesia

We closely monitor your pet throughout the anesthesia process. Our vets check vital signs such as heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Additionally, we may use specialized equipment to measure blood oxygen levels and body temperature. The monitoring allows us to adjust the anesthesia as needed and ensure your cat or dog’s safety during the procedure.

Safety Considerations

While anesthesia is generally safe, it's important to understand that there are always some inherent risks involved. A thorough pre-anesthetic examination by our veterinarians is essential to assess your pet's overall health and identify any potential risks. This may include bloodwork, x-rays, or other diagnostic tests. Open communication with our veterinarians about your pet's medical history and any concerns you may have is crucial.


Following the procedure, your pet will be brought to a recovery area where he or she can be monitored as the anesthesia wears off. Our vets will closely observe him or her for signs of pain or discomfort. Depending on the procedure, your pet may be able to go home the same day or require hospitalization for further monitoring.

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If your pet has an upcoming surgery or procedure that requires anesthesia, contact Danforth Animal Hospital in Edmond, OK, at (405) 340-1020 today. Our team is happy to discuss the process in detail with you and answer your questions. We prioritize your pet's well-being and strive to provide quality care. When you need a veterinarian near me, our team looks forward to assisting you!