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Pet Surgeries

Pet Surgery From Danforth Animal Hospital

When your veterinarian recommends surgery for your pet, it may be for any number of reasons. From broken bones to worrisome tumors, surgery can be the answer to giving your pet the quality of life they once enjoyed.

When you choose the best pet surgeons in the Edmond area, it is also a way for you to give your best friend their best chance at a healthy life. At Danforth Animal Hospital, we strive to perform minimally invasive surgeries whenever possible, ensuring that your pet's post-operative care is as comfortable as possible.


Pet Surgeries

From sudden illness and injury to long-term disorders, your pet may require surgery for various medical conditions. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to see where the issue is before devising a strategy to quickly address the problem. We can perform any number of surgeries to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Anesthesia for Your Pet

We often use a general anesthetic which renders the patient unconscious and avoids any sensation of pain or discomfort. Anesthesia is generally safe, though your pet may experience some swelling at the site of the injection. The vet will consider your pet’s medical condition and age before administering the anesthetic to ensure the safety of your pet during the procedure.

Post-Op Care 

After your pet has been released from our care, pet owners should follow all post-op instructions. Your pet will likely need to rest for the next few days to recover. They may need to eat a special diet, take certain pills, or refrain from their favorite activities for a while. At Danforth Animal Hospital, we're here to explain post-op care and best practices.

Controlling an animal is not always easy. You may have difficulty keeping them from engaging in certain habits or getting them to take their required medications. We understand the struggles and can give you tips for getting your pet in Edmond to comply with all post-op recommendations after the procedure. 

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The right veterinarian in the Edmond area can make all the difference for you and your furry friend. At Danforth Animal Hospital, we are here to serve the pet owners who seek surgery for their companions. Whether you have a pet who could use a check-up, or you are searching for a skilled surgeon, our staff can make the difference. With skilled vets and plenty of experience on our side, we invite you to call us today for a consultation at (405) 340-1020.