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Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care at Danforth Animal Hospital

A number of dental and oral problems can lead to pain, damage, infection, tooth loss, and even life-threatening illness. Our Edmond veterinary clinic, Danforth Animal Hospital, wants to help you protect your pet against those dangers. That's why we offer a variety of pet dental care services, from preventative care to disease treatment.

Dan Forth Animal Hospital Dental

Threats to Your Pet's Teeth, Gums, and Oral Cavity

Your pet's mouth is a very busy place, biologically speaking. Plaque that hardens over time creates a layer of tartar on the tooth enamel, both above the gum line and below it. Bacteria are naturally drawn to the tartar, which causes an inflammatory response in the gum tissue. This condition, known as periodontal disease, can cause your pet to lose his teeth as their connection to the jaw deteriorates. The older your pet is, the higher his risk for periodontal disease. Another danger to your pet's health is oral cancer. Oral cancer can spread to other parts of the body, with potentially fatal results, while also causing severe pain or disfigurement.

Pets are also susceptible to dental damage caused by cavities or impact injuries. A decayed, cracked, or broken tooth is not only extremely painful, but it also raises the risk of bacterial infection. The invading bacteria may not stop at your pet's teeth, either. They may migrate to vital parts of his body, leading to dangerous infections and organ damage.

Checkups, Cleanings, and Treatments from Your Edmond Veterinarian

Since dental threats to your pet's health are obviously serious business, it pays to have your pet's teeth and mouth checked on a regular basis by an Edmond veterinarian on our staff. We usually recommend one dental exam a year for most healthy pets, but if your pet has a known dental problem or is at high risk for such problems, we may recommend two annual exams. We can detect periodontal disease, dental infections, oral cancer, and other problems in their early stages, which makes treating them that much easier. We also perform deep dental cleanings to remove the tartar that bacteria seek out.

Make Sure Your Edmond Pet's Smile Is Secure

Want to keep your pet smiling for many for happy, healthy years? Call Danforth Animal Hospital at (405) 340-1020 to schedule a dental exam. We're proud to serve as your veterinary dental experts in Edmond!